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How to Sell Managed Services as a VAR

In today’s fast-paced world with ever-evolving technology🖥, businesses are constantly relying on managed services to help their business run smoothly. These services work to enhance the efficiency of an IT infrastructure and streamline operations as much as possible👌. VARs (Value-Added Resellers) deliver these services to businesses, selling the services effectively to benefit their success📈. 

Luckily, the role of managed services is highly relied upon, making the job of a VAR slightly easier. While it may seem daunting to sell these services to organizations, we’re here to help🤝. 

In this blog, we’ll look at ways to sell managed services as a VAR effectively and smoothly and ensure you get the best outcome. Let’s get into it. 

What is a VAR, and How Do They Work?

A VAR is a business entity that adds value to products or services before reselling them to customers. They add value to these products by customizing and enhancing them, catering to the needs of the business. This, in hand, makes the products a better fit for the customers and improves their overall experience🤩. 

Here are some key points of the services they offer:

  • Customisation👌. VARs tweak and alter services and products to fit the exact needs of a customer or business they’re selling to. 
  • Build strong relationships🤝. VARs work hard to create strong relationships with their customers, enhancing the process and increasing effective communication. 
  • Offer advice and support👍. They offer advice and support to businesses on managed IT solutions and products. This could be a strong knowledge of the products they sell or customer support and additional services like training for new technology. 
  • Diverse offerings💻. VARs tend to offer a wide range of various products and services. 

Overall, a VAR ensures all the products they sell fit your needs, add value to your business operations, and ensure smooth and streamlined processes. 

One vital trait of VARs is that they’re adaptable and able to keep up with the constant technological changes🏃‍♀️. The IT industry is constantly evolving, requiring a more robust demand for managed services. By investing in managed IT services, businesses can focus on their company in other areas, prioritizing the growth and success of the business. According to Statistica, the average Spend per Employee in the Managed Services market could reach US$6.87 in 2024.

Managed services offer a professional service with their expertise and knowledge🧠. As a result, business owners can have peace of mind that their IT systems are under control. In the following sections, we’ll explore the best ways to sell managed services as a VAR👨‍💻.  

Spend per Employee

Source: Statista

How to Sell Managed Services as a VAR: Our Guide

The increasing need for managed services in the business world creates an excellent opportunity for VARs. Not only will they sell the services themselves, but they’ll cater to every client’s needs to ensure seamless operations.  

If you want to sell managed services efficiently, there are some key steps you must take. Here are some ideas:

Understand the IT Landscape🤔

In order to sell effectively to your customers, having an idea of the current IT landscape is essential. Make sure you stay as informed as possible about the latest technology, like software updates, cybersecurity🔐 threats and any trends emerging in the industry. This will position you as a trusted advisor and will give you a better understanding of how to sell to customers effectively💁‍♂️. 

Create a Strong Portfolio💪

If potential customers know what’s available and what to expect, they’re more likely to trust your sale. Make sure to include in your portfolio any information that will benefit your clients👍. For example, include the MSP services you deliver, like data backup, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and network monitoring. This is vital in the sales process, as it will guide customers towards using your services to benefit their business📈. 

Target Your Current Accounts🎯

If you already have an existing client base, that’s an excellent way to start. Figure out what kind of managed services they are purchasing and their pain points that you can address. You’ve got a greater chance of selling to them because they already know who you are🤝.  


Source: Statistica 

Tailor Solutions to Client's Needs✍️

For VARs, tailoring your products and services to your client’s needs is essential. Take the time to work closely with your clients and get to know their specific requirements. Once you know the proper ways to use the products to benefit their business, you can effectively offer valuable services that they’ll appreciate😃. Whether it’s a small business or large, they’ll respond positively to your attention and commitment. 

Indicate How You’ll Deliver🚚

When you already know your customers’ needs and pain points, use that to demonstrate how you will be able to help them. When delivering sales pitches, explain how your services can help with their problems and what you can do to help them fulfill their needs and reach their goals🎯. According to a study, “90% of American shoppers report using customer service as a deciding factor in whether to do business with a company.”

Delivering and being concise about your dedication to customer service, helps them achieve their final decision of whether or not to use your services for their business. If they see potential in what you have to offer, they’re more likely to make the jump. 

Show Proof of Past Success🏆

This is crucial for new clients. They might be hesitant to avail of your services because a level of trust hasn’t formed. So, aim to introduce yourself by showing your portfolio. Share your experience and achievements in the industry🏅. This is an effective sales strategy, as it enlightens potential customers about your areas of strength. 

If you already have previous clients, you can show their testimonials or any positive feedback you’ve received. You can demonstrate that you have a reliable team and great procedures and that you’re willing to gain a strong level of trust between all your clients🤝. Since managed services tend to be a long-term deal, companies need to be reassured first that your business is the right one for the job.


Address Common Misconceptions🙅‍♂️

As a VAR, it’s important to address common misconceptions to reassure and inform your clients. Use effective evidence and case studies to affirm the level of trust between you and the client. By providing evidence that dispels doubts, you can effectively prove the importance of the managed services you’re selling👌.

Clearly Outline Pricing Structures🏷

By being as transparent as possible, you’ll gain a better reputation and build trust with your client. Take the time to break down your pricing structure, making sure your clients know what it is they’re paying for💵. From VAR calculations of the services you provide or the set price of the products, your client will appreciate the insight. Explain the value of the service you’re providing and make sure they understand the long-term cost savings.

Emphasise Security🔐

Most businesses’ top concern is cybersecurity. As a VAR, you can emphasize the importance of managed services and the benefits they provide to businesses. Data shows that “95 percent of small business owners in the U.S. report using at least one type of technology platform in the running of their business.” So, it’s likely they’ll appreciate your focus on enhancing security.  

Express the importance of safeguarding and how the products and services you’re providing can help keep your company safe and secure. 

small business owners

Demonstrate Your Proactive Approach🙇‍♀️

To increase client satisfaction, VARs can clearly demonstrate how you can spot and deal with issues before they escalate. Most businesses are keen to prevent security risks; VARs can help with this. Demonstrate how you prevent downtime, enhance client satisfaction, and address security concerns🔑 efficiently.


Provide Ongoing Support🤝

As a VAR, you can provide ongoing support for your clients, so make sure they know it doesn’t just end with the sale. By providing regular communication and updates and taking an interest in client feedback, you’ll create a strong element of trust🔗. Furthermore, staying on top of changing trends within the IT realm will give you a better reputation and help you stay ahead.


From understanding the landscape to creating a solid profile and demonstrating your proactive approach, you’ll achieve success as an effective VAR🤩. 

Technology is constantly evolving, making it highly necessary to remain up to date with the latest changes and trends📱. By doing this and mastering the art of selling managed services to businesses, you’ll be successful in your journey of selling managed services as a VAR⭐️. 

For more tips and tricks, check out our blog to see how you can enhance your business. For more information, contact us today.  


Source: Gitnux 

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