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Just like you, Tommy Masters started by trying Tommy themselves, they loved the product and went on to learn everything they could and now want to share that experience with the world.

  • Gain confidence that you’re maximizing the functionality available to you.
  • Keep on track, using Tommy a little more each day to improve your workflow.
  • Decipher technical jargon so things are clear and easy to understand.
FrequentlyAsked Questions
Is Tommy Master a paid service?
Yes. Tommy Masters are independent consultants who have used and love Tommy, learning all they can about it and now sharing that experience. They also bring their unique backgrounds in change management, business, and technology to helping their clients achieve optimal performance.
How do I hire a Tommy Master?
After submitting the form below, Tommy reviews your request and determines which Tommy Master is most suitable for you and your needs. Tommy then connects the two of you and from that point on you will be in direct communication with your Tommy Master.
Why hire a Tommy Master?
Tommy has technical support included but Tommy Masters are coaches who can work with you to learn about you and your team, providing motivation and advice on how to get the most from your use of Tommy to change your business practices for the better
What if I just have a question about Tommy?
Tommy support is available as part of your Tommy subscription. It can answer any technical issue with how your Tommy is functioning. To learn more about Tommy please check our online knowledge base.
I’ve got a big team and not yet ready to commit to Tommy, but would like to assess it and see what is possible. How is this possible?
Tommy Masters will work with you one on one as a dedicated resource and trusted partner. Tommy Masters are professional consultants with a range of business and technology skills and expertise to help you get the most out of Tommy. They consider your situation and needs, work to customise a solution for your company.Delivered mostly via online meetings/screen sharing, phone calls and email Masters are also available onsite depending on location and budget.
How soon can we start?
Within 48 hours of submitting your request a Tommy Master will reach out to you to discuss the work requested. Scheduling of work will be determined by the scope and mutual availability.


Best for solving basic problems getting started.

  • 30-minute consultation (1:1 online) Instant messaging
  • Account setup recommendations
  • Assess how Tommy meets your needs
  • Solve specific questions about your configuration
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Best for establishing good technique quickly.

  • 60-minute consultation (1:1 online)
  • Setup solutions
  • Revising your existing Tommy configuration.
  • Simple data import/export setup.
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Best for larger or more complex teams.

  • Go from 0 to 100 quickly.
  • Account setup recommendations
  • Learn how to connect Tommy with your existing tools.
  • Help with integrations.
  • Complex data import/export setup.
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